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  • NEW! - 14th February, 2018 - We've organized a raffle with prizes donated by sponsors and friends, totalling over $3.000 in prizes.  Tickets are only $5 each and will be drawn on the 28th April at 6 pm AEST. To see details of prizes just CLICK HERE. If you would like to buy a ticket directly from us please make a direct deposit to our bank account (same as on our donations page):

    Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    Name: Eyeglass Assist
    Account No.:10489666

    in denominations of the number of tickets  (i.e.$5,$10,etc.,.) and send us an email through our Contact page and we'll email the details of your ticket(s)

    Please note:
    due to freight costs the raffle is only open to people in located in Australia.

  • NEW! - 3rd February, 2018 - Craig Bush from ABC Radio Gipplsand interview with Frances and Paul about the Solomon Islands Eyeglass Assist Project.  Frances grew up on a dairy farm at Nambrok just out of Sale, thus the local connection. Just click in the icon below to listen to the interview.
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  • 27th January, 2018 -  We were interviewed by Greg Bayliss on ABC Radio Canberra on Saturday Breakfast. It was great fun - Just click the icon below to listen

  • January, 2018 -  Fund-raising is ticking over but we are finding it hard going to attract sponsorship or donations from organisations or companies.  The good news is that with the assistance of Redland City Marina and by making other alternative arrangements and trying to cut as many corners as we safely can, we have managed to reduce the funds we need to $30,000.  So far donations total $9,000 so we are well on the way (please see our updated Donation Gauge on the front page).  Some time ago we applied for registration as a charity organisation with the ACNC and through them DGR status with the ATO (which makes donations tax deductible in Australia) but it is an extremely complicated and time consuming process and it may not be resolved for a number of months which may be too late for us. The ability to access many grants is dependant on whether we have DGR status.

  • December, 2017 -  First live presentation of Eyeglass Assist which we undertook at the Queensland Cruising Yacht Club.  The presentation was well received and we had a number of inciteful questions from the audience at the end. Thanks to all the people who came and supported us.   If there are any groups/clubs or organisations out there who think that they would enjoy an interesting and compassionate story then please email via our Contact Page.  Our plan is to make our way south from Brisbane to Tasmania and would be more than happy to present Eyeglass Assist along the way.  We plan to return to Brisbane by around late March.  The presentation goes for about 45 minutes. 

  • November, 2017 - BCN National Television News report on EA sessions at Niue  watch it here - edited only for our segment or you can watch the entire News broadcast here

  • November, 2017 - New video link to Lions R4S project in Mexico - very moving. Watch it here

  • October, 2017 - new logo created for our website courtesy of Paterson Interiors
    New story from Fiji -
    Lucky Fiji Day

  • October, 2017 -Eyeglass Assist conducted a 4 day session at Niue with the help of other cruisers we did the entire country - our 13th ! - watch the new video here.

  • New stories coming out of the Niue program:-

    Driving Blind
    The Beautiful Niece
    Too Good To Use
    What People Are Now Saying

  • August 2017 - Eyeglass Assist conducted a session on  Palmerston Island (in The Cook Islands) - an isolated island in the South Pacific - watch the new video here.


  • Yachts Matin d'Or and Freycinet II conduct eyeglass fitting sessions in villages in Fiji in 2013 - new video release available here

  • We've just designed and produced a poster (pdf) which is available to download and we are asking all our supporters to download it, print it out and post it on a noticeboard at your workplace or sports or social club or anywhere else you consider will raise our profile.  Just click on the thumbnail below to download.

                                      poster thumbnail

  •  We've added a Donation Gauge on our Home page to show the the current state of our fundraising.  We'll update this on a regular basis.  

  • We've added some new photos from Mauphiaa and Palmerston Islands - check them out here.



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