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With a little help from our friends


The last nine years we have that the pleasure of many cruising folk from all nationalities assist us with our programs. They have been a tremendous help. Some have enjoyed the experience so much that they too have got onboard with the Eyeglass Assist Program and are now running they own sessions. It is a life changing experience for many. We believe the more yachts out there on the high seas involved in the project, especially those who venture to the more isolated regions, then the more people who will receive the gift of better sight. It is a big commitment and is very time consuming.  All yachts have limited space and to add many bags / boxes to our cargo is not easy, they take up valuable space and add extra weight to your already overladen boat. We stress to the new volunteers and to the recipients that the glasses are not for trade or for sale, they are a gift from the people of the county we sourced the glasses – Australia, New Zealand and Oregon in the USA. At times the recipients are so thrilled with their new glasses they insist giving us a small gift, generally something from their garden. In other cases it is their culture to give something in return when you receive a gift, so not to offend we except the gift graciously. In the early stages of our work we were becoming stressed about the gift giving, this was not why we were "doing the glasses". I became close to a local teacher on one island and I asked her if she could tell the people it is not necessary to give us gifts. She went away and a while later she returned and said "Frances I am sorry, I can not do as you asked". I realised we either accept their tradition (we are not out here to change them) or not continue doing the glasses. Needless to say the glasses won out.

These are some of the other yachts who have helped us along the way, if we've forgotten anyone send us an email and we'll add you to the list.

Storm Girl ___________  Australia
Sub Zero ____________ Australia
Courtesan ___________ Australia
Pacific Flyer __________ Australia
Freycinet II ___________ Australia
Alita ________________ Germany
Saliander ____________ New Zealand
Matin D'or ____________ New Zealand
Kadens _____________ Canada
Idyll Island ____________ Canada
State Of Mind _________ Australia
Toupa II ______________ French Polynesia
Easy _________________ USA
Adventurer ____________ USA
Full Monty _____________ USA
Del Sur _______________ Germany
Division Two____________ New Zealand
Spruce ________________ UK
Kiapa _________________ Australia
Mahili _________________ Australia
Jack Nesbitt____________ New Zealand
Galactic _______________ USA
Sold The Farm _________ New Zealand
Mojo __________________ France
Pasha II _______________ French Polynesia
Darramy ________________ UK
Pacific Highway _________ USA
Snufkin ________________ Australia
Runaway _______________ France
Azzar __________________ Canada
Margaurita ______________ New Zealand
Salulami ________________ Switzerland
Pitufa __________________ Austria
Sold The Farm___________ New Zealand
Kapai  _________________ New Zealand
Eudora _________________ New Zealand
Duende _________________New Zealand
Interlude IX______________ Canada


Friends without boats:-

Lisa Doherty     Paterson Interiors
Rob Russell     Southern Aurora Computers
Keith Vial          Niue Yacht Club
Dr Mary Walworth

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