Eyeglass Assist

Solomon Islands Project


Title :  Sent By Whom ?


Location:  Oa Pau, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia


Date: 2017


We arrived mid morning at our final anchorage before departing the Marquesas. We launched the dinghy loaded it with the spectacles and made our way to shore. A young man helped us land the dinghy on the steep boulder surgy shore. He took us to met the mayor and Paul explained our Eyeglass Assist Program and that we were only in the village for the one day. The mayor realised how much it would benefit the community and proceeded to make arrangements and immediately was on the phone to inform the people in the small village. However he said that first we must eat and invited us to his niece's 25th birthday lunch and while the final preparations were made for the luncheon he escorted us to the homes of some elderly people nearby so we could assist them with glasses. The birthday celebration was a real treat, an impressive array of tasty local foods and good laughs. After lunch we made our way back to a building on the waterfront where they had prearranged a table and chairs and the people began to arrive. The mayor did a fantastic job on short notice to inform the people about our Program.

Being a Sunday and it is a comment we hear often, many people thought that we had been sent by God. Regardless of your beliefs, it is a humbling complement.

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