Eyeglass Assist

Solomon Islands Project


Title :  Outside the Square


Location:  Tuamotus, French Polynesia


Date :  2017


A trick that many people who wear (+ve) glasses for reading don't know is that when they want to see something at close range and the object, or writing, is too small and you can't see it clearly enough, all you have to do is to get another pair of (+ve) glasses and put them on in front or behind the glasses you are wearing, then the magnification will be equal to adding both strengths together. So wearing a pair of +2's and pair of +1's is equal to wearing one pair of +3's.

On an atoll we met one particular man and asked him whether needed glasses. He then proceeded to don two pairs of glasses, one on top of the other – both were very old and scratched, one pair with one arm which he had found enabled him to read. It was the first time we had seen anyone don two pairs to read (besides us) and we were very impressed by his ingenuity. His two pairs of glasses helped but were not what he needed. After testing his eyesight he was very grateful for his new +3.75 spectacles we provided and they weren't scratched either !

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