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Title: Life Is Complicated

Location : Napolo village, Sea of Cortez, Mexio

Year : 2017

This is a small friendly fishing village of 7 homes and is only accessible by sea. We arrived one morning in the dingy to the men repairing their nets and cleaning fish under the makeshift shelters behind the beach. We spoke to a middle-aged fisherman and told him who we were and what we wanted to do, that is, to provide glasses to everyone in the village who needed them, without any cost.

After digesting what seemed like a suspicious proposition he led us to the verandah of his small house where we set up our testing paraphernalia and supplies. After an hour or so the people were standing around with their new glasses (often trying on their neighbours also) and it seemed that we finished our work so we started packing up. One of the men came over and told me that there was someone in a house not far away that needed glasses and were we able to go to his house and help him? Sure no problem. What we thought was that we would find a person who was incapacitated and was unable to walk the short distance to his neighbour's house to be fitted with glasses. Frances recognized the mother who had received glasses on the verandah earlier and then we were directed the a fit a healthy 12 year old girl who it turned out needed reading glasses which we provided. Then the 47 year old, fit and healthy father told us that he also needed glasses which we were also able to provide. We were still seated at the table with our equipment ready to be directed to the infirmed person who we thought must live there and needed glasses. After asked we were told that no, everyone had glasses.

Based on the limited facts we had available to us we come to only one possible conclusion: that the middle-aged man who lived in the second house and the man who lived in the house where we were previously did not get along and were not permitted into each others houses. We may be wrong but we cannot see any other reasonable explanation for this occurrence so, even in such a small community as this it would seem that life can be awfully complicated.

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