Eyeglass Assist

Solomon Islands Project


Title :  Hang on to what you've got


Location :  Tuamotus, French Polynesia


Date: 2017


We anchored inside the atoll opposite the church just as the Sunday service was over. A lady in her dinghy called by Monkey Fist on her way home to say hello. We spoke about our Eyeglass Assist Program and she said if we could come to her motu (small island) as her husband had a problem with his eyes. We explained we were not doctors and if his condition was medically related we would be unable to help. We can only assist people primarily with age related eyesight deterioration. Later that day we took our dinghy to her motu and met her husband. He said he had had three operations on one of his eyes and one on the other (one of the benefits of living in French Polynesia). Regardless his eyesight was still very poor but now his major issue was the glare from the sun on the water which made it very uncomfortable to be outside. We gladly fitted him with a pair of sunglasses along with reading glasses. He needed to preserve what little sight he had left and sunglasses would buy him a little extra time.

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