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Title: Cost of Glasses Mexico

Location : San Juanico, Sea of Cortez, Baja Peninsula, Mexico

Year : 2017

One of the guys we helped at San Juanico lived in Loreto with his family several hours drive to the south. He stayed with his family on weekends and drove (in the work vehicle) back to work at San Juanico where he stayed from Monday to Friday. He was very happy with his present job indeed

 He told us that his previous employment was in construction in Loreto where he earned 1,000 pesos per week (the equivalent of $65AU or $50US). He had three children and told us that his 11 year old daughter was having difficulty as school so they decided they needed to have her eyesight examined. The optometrist tested her and found that she was short sighted and needed a pair of mid strength negative prescription spectacles.

If their daughter was to continue at school, which she did, then she would need a pair of glasses. Poor education almost always results in poorly paid jobs and a lifetime of hardship so they figured they had no choice but to buy a pair. And how expensive were the glasses? For anyone with a job that paid a reasonable wage it was not overly burdensome but for our friend the cost was staggering. It would cost him and his wife the equivalent to 3 weeks wages to buy the glasses.

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