Eyeglass Assist

Solomon Islands Project


Title :   Anyone need a tow ?

Location :  Vanua Levu, Fiji

Date:  2014

One day we decided to take the dinghy on a river excursion and took along our travel backpack of spectacles (containing a range of around 120 pairs plus a test kit), as you never know when you may encounter someone in need. About 15 kilometres up the river we encountered a family in a small dingy who were struggling to paddle against the strong current. We asked if they would like a tow to which they readily agreed and after transferring a few members of their party into our dinghy off we set. Finally we arrived at their destination and they asked us to stay for lunch in their very humble abode where we sat on the floor and shared a meal. We checked both the mother and father's eyes and assisted then with glasses. They said many people from their riverside village (which was located a few kilometers up a side estuary we had passed on our trip up river) would need glasses so we asked us if they could take us there. So off we set back down river with them in tow. The only access to this village was via the river and we were the first white visitors to the village for a long time. We were able to supply glasses to all those in need. What a wonderful day we all had.

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