Eyeglass Assist

Solomon Islands Project


Title : A Stitch In Time


Location: Fiji

Year 2014


We had conducted our Eyeglass Assist Program in a village on an island in Fiji and a teacher approached us and asked if we could visit the school. The senior students were in preparation to leave the island to further their mid school eduction on the main island. She though it would be a good idea to have the students eye sight checked as they would never be able to afford it elsewhere. The teacher also told us the story of one of her students in this class that had glasses supplied by another aid organisation. Unfortunately the frames had broken. The girls parents had both passed away and she was being brought up by her grandmother who could not afford a new pair of spectacles hence she could not continue with her schooling. We were able fit her with a new pair of glasses and also Paul soldered her old pair of glasses back together. She was so excited to be able to continue with her eduction. The teacher said she would insure that her new teacher keep the second pair of glasses in a safe place. The next day her grandmother made her way to Monkey Fist to warmly thank us.

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