Eyeglass Assist

Solomon Islands Project


Title:   Game On

Location:  Niuatoputapu, Tonga


Date:  2014

When we were clearing into the country we spoke to the officials about our Eyeglass Assist Program. The island was still recovering from a devastating tsunami in which a number of lives were lost and a vast proportion of homes and other infrastructure destroyed. We arranged to hold the Program at the health centre. At completion of the day's work we accompanied the health worker on her rounds to visit all the infirmed and elderly people who could not make it to the Eyeglass Assist Session. It was very obvious where the tsunami had wreaked significant havoc and there were very limited funds to rebuild.


On our return to the health centre, which was opposite the village oval, we noticed the guys throwing around a football. We wandered over to investigate. They said they play Touch football but everyone wants to play so they never have a referee and they also had made up most of the rules.  Both Paul and I loved playing touch football in our younger days and Paul also happenned to be a Touch referee. Daylight was fading, a short game was held, they were fast, they were good and some were very, very good. Keen for another game arrangements were made for the next afternoon. Game on. Paul refereed, I was the sideline ref and friends from another yacht were the scorers and timers and most of the village turned out to watch.  They were very quick learners and a great time was had by all.  The next day we had time for one more round before we left. NRL talent scouts should pay a visit.

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