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Title: Bible Week

Location : Vatua Village, Vanua Levu, Fiji

Year : 2014

Religion is extremely important to all the island communities in the Pacific. On more than one occasion we have been told that by village people that we were sent by God but on one particular occasion when we visited Vatua village on the north coast of Vanua Levu the pastor had even more reason for believing so. The village is well off the beaten track via both land and sea. We had been told that we were the first yacht to sail along the north coast of the island in the last 2 years.

 At the mass the Sunday prior to our arrival the Pastor had proudly announced that the following week was going to be Bible reading week. Most adults in the community have bibles and for many of the older residents it is the only book they own and it is extremely precious to them. All well and good, Bible Reading Week and they had their Bibles - the only problem was that almost no-one owned any reading glasses. It's difficult to believe but that's how it is in many remote communities. Many people knew more or less what the Bible says even though they have not been able to read it, in some instances for 20 years.

So we sailed into the bay, dropped anchor and made our way to shore in our dingy. We spoke to the chief and told him what we wanted to do, that is to provide everybody glasses who needed them. And not just that, there was no cost whatsoever. Very quickly the word went around the village and we set up our Eyeglass Assist equipment and within a few hours we were done. Many people told us during our session about it being Bible Week and now because of us, they were able to read their bibles.

And when the Pastor told us that God had sent us to their village, I doubt if anyone in the village disbelieved him and his now proven direct link to the Almighty and it must have elevated his status in the community even more.


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