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In 2010 we were back in Victoria visiting family and friends. One day I was with my sisters, Colleen and Kathy, telling stories (sometimes I think I have turned native – I love telling stories) about our plan to sail to Papua and New Guinea and help build a school on a remote island in the Louisiades. Anyway my sisters returned home, sorted through their surplus stuff and told their friends about what we planning to do. They made bundles of all sorts of goodies:  sewing equipment – material, needles, scissors, thread, lace, ribbon, hair accessories, jewellery, soaps, perfume, etc.,. for us to take with us and give to the ladies on the islands.

Some months later we were back in the islands. On completion of the building of the school I handed the bundles to the ladies in the village and at the official opening feast one friend Tina came up beside me. She was wearing perfume and I said “gee you smell so good”, she smiled and said “Frances, this is the first perfume I have owned and I will only wear it on special occasions”.

All the recipients were thrilled to receive the surplus goodies that my sisters had collected. Oh the pleasure of the small things in life, to be able to give, it warms my heart.

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