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Title:  One Persons Trash

Location : Gigila Island, Louisiade Archipelago, Papua New Guinea

Year : 2010

Before leaving Australia in 2010 on our voyage to Papua New Guinea to build the 2 roomed primary school we made a point of visiting the Salvation Army store in Townsville. We told them about the project and that also we hoped to try and establish a small library section so the children would have sometime to read. To his credit he told us that we could help ourselves to whatever books we wanted to take from the shop. We spent the next couple of hours sorting through the reading material and selected enough books to fill several mid sized cardboard boxes which we conveyed back to Monkey Fist.

Fast forward three months and the school was approaching completion and Joe had built two decent sized book shelves in one corner of a classroom.  With the help of some of the locals we carried the boxes of books to the school from Monkey Fist (which was anchored several kilometres away). Olive the young head teacher helped us sort though the books and came across a reference book called "A Teacher's Resource Manual". She quickly skimmed though the book and almost had tears in her eyes and told us that this was exactly the sort of book she needed and that all through her training she had never seen anything like it, it would be a tremendous help to her.

 Imagine how many such books are sitting around on people's book shelves at home and in schools, etc. that are never looked at.

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