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Title: Anything Is Better Than Nothing

Location : Gigila Island, Lousiade archiepelago, Papua New Guinea

Year : 2010

One afternoon anchored at Gigila Island we had a visit from our local friend Bernadette who paddled out to Monkey Fist in her dugout canoe. She was carrying a bucket which had a number of mud crabs in it and she told us that they were for trade. Frances asked her where the crabs had come from as there were no crabs on Gigila Island. Bernadette told her that her friend had caught the crabs on a neighbouring island but that the people who caught the crabs were too shy to come out to Monkey Fist themselves. Their island didn't have any good anchorages so yachts didn't stop there and so the people had no experience in dealing with white people, or "Dim Dim" as they called us. Frances went below and gathered up some goods for trade. She asked Bernadette what she thought would be a fair trade for the crabs. Bernadette replied " Whatever you can give them Frances will be OK because they have nothing". Frances says as a result of this, when she returns from a voyage she still has trouble throwing away anything that is useful.


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