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Title: What's Yours Is Mine

Location : Penticost Island, Vanuatu

Year : 2009

After spending a day conducting our glasses program at the small coastal village on the west side of Penticost Island in Vanuatu we retired to Monkey Fist and returned to the village the next day. One of the people we had given glasses to was an elderly guy named William, who happened to a be a pretty handy mouth organ player (mind you with a limited repertoire). He was a little distraught and told us that the previous evening he had had a visit from his brother who lived in another village high up in the island's mountainous spine. His brother saw William's glasses and immediately decided that he wanted them so he took them back to his village. William said his brother had said to him "you will get more. Plenty of yachts come to your village but no-one ever comes to ours". We fitted William with some replacement spectacles but this incident reinforced with us a lesson that whenever possible we will do what we can to reach the outlyiing villages in an area to make sure everyone has access to our Eyeglass Assist Program.


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