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Title: IV (Intravenous) 'bait'

Location : Ninigo atoll, Papua New Guinea

Year : 2009

One day I was asked by two of my local friends if I could take them out fishing in our inflatable dingy, "sure, not a problem" I said. They had some fishing lines and we provided the hooks and lead weights, the only thing that was missing I said was the bait. They told me that it wasn't a problem that they already had plenty of 'bait' back at their homes. Prior to leaving we just had to go to one of their huts and collect some. I was thinking, they must have caught some fish or something similar earlier and somehow had preserved it by salting it or drying it. But this was not the case.

We walked to one of their huts and one of the guys pulled out a tangled ball of what looked liked thin plastic tubing. Closer inspection revealed that it was infact IV (Intravenous) line that had been used and discarded and somehow ended up in the sea. There was still dark stains inside the tube that I assume must be dried blood. They took the ball and cut off a length of the tube with us and still in shock, I kept my mouth shut expecting that sooner or later it was all going to make sense to me.

So out on the boat we went and when we reached the fishing spot one of the guys chopped off a short length of the tubing (about 3 cm long ) and stuck it crossways onto a hook. Down went the line and sure enough within a few minutes they had caught a rather large snapper. How they figure this out I don't know but I was impressed yet again by their resourcefulness.



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