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*   received the Excellence in Lions International Service Award 2011
*   Supported by the Fred Hollows Foundation of New Zealand


Our names are Paul and Frances Tudor-Stack, we are members of the Lions Club of Australia, Recycle For Sight Program and we have created what we have called Eyeglass Assist.  Nine years ago we left our jobs, family and friends behind in Darwin Australia and headed out to distant shores on our 1982 restored sailing boat, Sea Spray.  Since departing on our voyage we have incorporated a unique service in our travelling to people living in remote communites.  Our service is to provide eyeglasses, otherwise called spectacles, to people who cannot afford or otherwise access them.  With the help of the Lions Club we provide people with eyeglasses without any cost or obligation to them, without cost to the communties and without cost to the country's government.  For many people this is a life changing experience. 

If you are currently wearing glasses take them off and try and imagine what life would be like without them. Try reading this, try finding a small object that you have dropped, try sewing, try to write something or tie a knot or carve or knit or do a thousand other things that you need to be able to see close hand.  Then you will begin to realise what life without glasses would be like.  Living in first world countries, we take clear vision for granted, but many people live much of their lives without being able to see clearly because they don't have glasses. The benefits of our service have proved invaluable to remote communities and you can see what some of the leaders think of our contribution on our testimonials page. 

By 2017 we now have almost a decade of experience providing our services to remote communities.  How every community we have visited has responded has confirmed the value of it, however we want to do more.  In 2018 we want to take it to the next level. 

We are passionate about what we do and next year we want to devote all our effort, time and resources into giving many village people living in the Solomon Islands the gift of better vision.  Our plan is to depart Australia from Brisbane in mid 2018 and sail the 1,100 nautical miles (2,200 kms) across the Coral Sea to the Solomon Islands in our 13 metre sailboat Monkey Fist, carrying 10,000 pairs of spectacles and as many pairs of sunglasses as we can possibly fit on board.  Once arriving there, in order to achieve our goal, we will be working six days a week and we will be doing it without any personal financial gain.  The spectacles and sunglasses will be provided by the Lions Club of Australia Recycle For Sight Program.  The voyage will take us 10 to 12 days and once in the Solomon Islands 100% our time will be devoted to achieving the goal we have set ourselves. 

From the time we commenced our voyage in 2008 we have provided almost 8,000 pairs of spectacles, as well as sunglasses, to people living in remote islands and mainland villages in 13 different countries, throughout Asia, Oceania, the Pacific Ocean and Mexico. We have fitted glasses to people in their 70's who haven't been able to read for 20 years and to young people in their teens who have dropped out of school because they can no longer see the blackboard or read a text book, a situation that we who live the western world cannot envisage.

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However there are considerable costs involved in such a project and for us to make this happen we are asking for your help.  We do not have the financial resources to do this by ourselves, so we are looking for people who can see the value in what we are doing and to make a financial contribution.  R
egardless of how little you can contribute to the project it will all make a difference, and without your help 10,000 people who live in the Solomon Islands will not receive the gift of better vision.  For every $10 donated 30 people's lives will be changed for the better by providing them with glasses they need but can't afford or obtain.   

For more information about the 2018 project and about what we have already achieved you can check out the items in the menu buttons on the left hand side of each page.


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